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Me by Mind Map: Me
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future plans

fly a plane

do sky diving

see northern lights

visit egypt and nile

visit france and travel on the eurorail

travel to japan and go on the bullet trains

visit australia

feed 10 million people

empower people to see the world

learn magic

learn mass hypnosis

do warrior dash 2012

My Current Features


What i own

What I do


my personality

Features that i want to have

What I do



transformation tools

remove conflicts

when i have conflict. i ask these questions

each of the 5 areas of focus should have had a achievment that will not go away from my system.

create self hynosis audio and listen to it daily

reframe past

stop asking why things happened in past. focus on present and future. past is even 5 minutes back




flying lessons

individual areal climb

dance classes



may 25

may 30

may 31

june 1

june 2

june 6

june 7


people need value to get something. I posted the big bike event and not even 1 person responded. Anand Rajamani offered 50 cents per face book like click. but still no one cared.

- movie. -Social Club -Kungfu panda -late -parked accross the parking splot diagonal -got a note, how unresourceful parking i had -somebody has outcome -had belief on how parking needed to be. -went out of his outcome to leave me a note. -beleifs distract us from our outcomes

-young man returning from school -see runaway horse. -jumps on horse and holds reins -horse goes to meadow, man navigates to road -horse runs on road and runs to meadow and man navigates it back. -horse runs into farm house farmer asks how man found the house -mans says, horse foudn the house, Man just kept horse back on road.

wife telling me stories -parents came to visit - she started telling stories on what happened - i started observing the language patterns in her stories. - why cannot they understand that we can only help them. -That they are giving us stress. -The more she used US, It became a given that both of us are affected and it becomes a fact. - I was never affected but as the monologue continued, it sounded as if we were in total alignment of the bad things that were happening. -Language is so powerful

Things happen by itself if i have focus - i had a target of 50$ for heart and stroke foundation. - collected only 35$ - wanted to make sure that i needed to get that 50$ -last day, Jagan sent 50$ by credit card pay!!!

my audit logs and saw limit order 70 K AUD.USD. i got all the stories running in my head for few minutes for blowing away a amazing entry. Some shit happened and Ninjatrader and my Broker workstation shut down. I opened it again and saw another entry for shorting AUD.USD and checked my broker app to validate the entry. To my disbelief, i saw that i was short AUD.USD for 140 K. since i was way in on the money, i closed it all to verify what was going on. Finally, it turned out, i was 50 pips in the money and becoz i was in Double Position, it equals 100 pips.