Canada's Food Guide By: Ahmed

Food and nutrition project.

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Canada's Food Guide By: Ahmed by Mind Map: Canada's Food Guide By: Ahmed

1. Vegetable and Fruit

1.1. 8 servings

1.1.1. Carrots

1.1.2. Broccoli

1.1.3. Grapes

2. Meat and Alternatives

2.1. 3 Servings

2.1.1. Beans

2.1.2. Chicken

2.1.3. Fish

3. Tips:

3.1. Tip for Meats and Alternatives: Always buy frozen meat at the end of your trip so it last longer in your car on a hot summer day and buy canned goods like beans that the cans are not dented

3.2. Tip for Vegetables and Fruits: Never buy bruised vegetables and when buying fruits buy unripe fruit because it could be in your basket for a long time and they last longer

3.3. Tips for Milk and Alternatives: Choose lower fat milk products more often. Check labels for percent butterfat also known as the percent on a milk bag. Include a variety of types of cheese each one has its own distinct flavor.

3.4. Tip for Grain Products: Try to remember that bagels are filled with tons more fat then normal toast. Also try to limit flavoured rice and pasta mixes they may be higher in sodium

4. Milk and Alternatives

4.1. 3-4 Servings

4.1.1. Ice cream

4.1.2. Milk

4.1.3. Cheese

5. Grain Products

5.1. 7 Servings

5.1.1. toast

5.1.2. pancakes

5.1.3. rice