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Use of Proper English

To be able to communicate with people around us better.

Allow foreigners to understand what we are saying.

To sound more professional.

To deliver our thoughts clearly.

Able to get good grades for writing.

To improve on our English.

Will not be mocked and be a laughing stock by people.

To keep the original language intact.

In future, we will work with different people from different countries which is pivotal.


Write together as a group

Generate more ideas when working in a group.

To improve our english writing quality.


Learn to express themselves.

Can easily convey their message to others.

Use of props to make the skit interesting.

Can make the Speak Good English program more interesting.

To entertain the audience.

A way to learn from one another.


Can play and learn at the same time.

Enjoy the other groups presentation.

Skit will make everything more lively and less boring.



Purpose of speech.

List out the points.

Continue on the speech writing.


Summarise the points given.

Thank the audience for listening.