Speak Good English Skit

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Speak Good English Skit by Mind Map: Speak Good English Skit

1. Intro & conclusion

1.1. PPACT

1.2. Good morning. As the English representative , I am here to convince you which activity i chose that enables group work and involves oral presentation.

1.3. There were two choices which are a skit or a research. I strongly feel that the Speak Good English skit is a better choice as it has a lot of benefits.

2. Second point

2.1. Fun for actors, interesting for audience

2.1.1. By making the play interesting, it will automatically attract the audience interest. New node

2.1.2. Actors will also get to know more about Good English through the process.

2.1.3. If the play is fun and creative, audience will not get bored.

3. Third Point

3.1. Keep speaking good english and it will get better

3.1.1. Improves the fluency of speaking english They have to keep practicing the lines New node

3.1.2. Know how to pronounce the correct words Search the internet if they don't know. Ask from friends.

3.1.3. Know more words The script have words they don't know, so they have to find out the meaning. Communication improves vocabulary.

4. First Point

4.1. Encourage team work

4.1.1. As students think of how to do the speech, they will be able to know each other better

4.1.2. The students would be able to learn some good english skills among the team

4.1.3. When planning the skit, the students would need to work together in order to ensure that the roles suits everyone

5. Conclusion

5.1. It is fun for adults and children alike.

5.2. Anyone with a good imagination can develop a skit. By having fun together in a challenging atmosphere, students know how to apply what they learn.

5.3. understand concepts/things better

5.4. strongly feel that the Speak Good English skit is a better choice.

5.5. hope that all of you is convinced that the skit is a better activity to take up

6. New node