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English Skit by Mind Map: English Skit

1. Skit acted out

1.1. Easier for people to understand with roleplaying

1.2. People can have a visual view of what is happening.

1.3. can show how it is being used correctly , message is clearer and easier to remember

1.4. being able to hear the correct way and the wrong way of speaking good english, they will learn better

2. written

2.1. As compared to skit, writing is not as effective for improving our english.

2.2. We can be able to write a piece of work with fluent english, yet it could be possible that we do not know how to pronounce it.

2.3. For example, spelling a word correctly may be easy, but how hard would it be to pronounce it?

2.4. Hence, if we want to improve our english, it is better for us to speak rather than to write.

3. Fun!!!

3.1. We can be able to enjoy and have fun.

3.2. There is alot of work required for us to interact with one another. This add fun to the entire activity.

3.3. For example, we will need to discuss about what the skit will be about. While doing so, interesting ideas will definitely be made and all of us can have fun even when we are discussing.

3.4. Therefore, while doing the skit, we can enjoy ourselves and have fun.

4. Conclusion

4.1. we can be able to not only have fun

4.2. Makes more understanding as we are the ones who is doing it

4.3. More Fun, Intresting and Attractive Than Written Activities.

4.4. all in all, after the english skit, it improves our English.

4.5. i hope this will be able to help you decide which activity you would like to choose.

5. Introduction

5.1. For Secondary 2 Students

5.2. as the eng representative

5.3. i am here to convince you all to decide on an activity for our class that enables group work and involves oral presentation.

5.4. hope you'll make the right choice.

6. use of proper english

6.1. We can be able to practice oral and presentation skills

6.2. after the skit, our use of proper english will improve.

6.3. During the activity, we use proper english. At the same time, we will be able to learn how to speak them in the correct way.

6.4. Therefore we will be able to convey a message correctly, so as to prevent miscommunication.