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Report (Proposals) by Mind Map: Report (Proposals)
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Report (Proposals)

Physical Activities (eg. softball)

Ensures that students exercise.

Group 7

To: Mrs Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School

From: Jaskiran Kaur Class Chairperson Class 3C3

Subject: Proposal on Class Fund-raising Event

Date: 25 April 2011

Fund raising event to raise funds for Peace Haven

An organisation caring for elderly who are unable to fend for themselves

We chose Peace Haven, as it is nearby, and has a good relationship with the school, Have done CIP there before

Sale of frolick of different varieties to the school during a time period of 3 days

during recess/lunch time slots

Frozen yoghurt is well liked by many and as the company "Frolick" has worked with students of our school before, it would be easier to work with them.

Frozen yoghurt is healthy and would not pose health problems.

With every donation of 4 dollars, a cup of frozen yoghurt will be given free., additional toppings will cost 50 cents per scoop

Since Frolick is popular among everyone, especially students, as well as teachers, we are hoping to raise at least $1,200.00

The funds will be sent to Peace Haven by the following week.

Helps them financially to buy necessary needs for the elderly

1. Your CCA has been given a fund to do up your CCA room. Write a report on the ways the CCA room will be improved, how the improvements will benefit your CCA as a whole and the members. The improved room will have to be easy to be maintained.

Group 4

To: Mrs Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School

Buy a shelf, to organise equipment and take inventory to prevent losing items, display awards and trophies won., motivate the CCA members to continue striving for their targets and goals.

Buy a whiteboard, to keep tracks of events, effective teaching during cca time

Put up a noticeboard, update members on the latests happening upcoming competitions, make important announcements

Subject: Improvements to the AVA club's CCA room

From: Ng Jing Wen AVA Director Crescent Girls' School

Group 5

To: Mrs Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School

From: Lim Si Hui NPCC cadet Crescent Girls' School

Subject: Suggestions to Improve NPCC Room

Date: 25 April 2011

Body 1: New furniture., To put the trophies and equipments, More organised and take lesser time to find things

Body 2: Shelves to put our bags, Neater and more organised

Body 3: Cleaned and repainted, Make the CCA room looks vibrant, Cleaner environment


2. The principal has requested for suggestions to improve the canteen. Write a report on the ways the canteen can be improved, how the present problems will be solved, how the improvements will benefit the welfare of the students.

Group 1

Structure of report, To: Mrs Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School, From: Zheng Luyao Student of 3C3 Crescent Girls' School, Subject: Suggestions to improve the canteen, Date: 25 April 2011

Increase the number of vending machine

Extend the spaces where students can eat., This increases the level of comfort for students and also enable students to find table easily

Request the stall owners to hire more helpers, Shortens the waiting time for students, which allows them to go back to class on time.

Lower the price of the food sold in the canteen, especially the healthier food., Students will be encouraged to eat healthy food

Place recycling bags around the canteen to recycle the leftover food., The birds will not have food to eat. This reduces the number of stray animals in the school and also increases the standard of hygiene of our school.

Group 2

add electronic queueing system, prevent long queues in front of stalls, after getting the queue number, just sit on the canteen bench and wait for the queue number to appear

more chairs and tables, everyone can get a seat and can sit more comfortably.

more variety of food, like japanese food or korean food?

increase frequency of health checks (for canteen vendors), Healthier food for students, promote a balanced diet improve health of students

Posters to emphasise that students should only order 2 portions of food at most, Shorten waiting time, more time to eat, more punctual for classes

Set barriers for queuing or markings so that the queue does not block the pathway, New node

To: Mrs Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School

From: Ong Zhen Hui Student Crescent Girls' School

Group 3

To: Mrs. Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School

From: Phylis Gan Student from class 3C3 Crescent Girls' School

Subject: Suggestions to improve the canteen

Date: 18 April 2011

Students have no time to purchase food due to the long queues and the lack of manpower in stalls., Place more vending machines, Prevent long queues at stalls.

The canteen is usually strewn with litter., Place more bins/recycle bins, Claner and greener environment for the canteen., Recycle bins encourages students to practice recycling, which is of great help to the environment.

It is difficult to move around the canteen, Change canteen arrangment of tables and chairs, Allow easier access around the canteen, Move cutlery bins to a place where it does not obstruct the walkway, This allows more space for students to walk especially when the canteen is crowded.

Birds always fly into the canteen and pick on students' food when they are gone., Place a net around the canteen, Prevent birds from entering., Prevents birds from eating canteen food which is left alone

The bins where plates are returned are usually messy and dirty, Take a section of the canteen as the place where students empty their plates and bowls and return their cutleries.

3. Your class is organizing a fund-raising event. Write a report on the proposed event, the charity the funds raised will go to, the activities held during the event and how effective they will be in raising funds.

Group 6

To: Mrs. Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School

From: Zhai Xing Ya Vice-chairperson Class 3C3

Subject: Class Initiated Fund-raising Event for Charity

Date: 25 April 2011

The funds raised will go to the SPCA., We want to raise funds for the SPCA to raise awareness of the rise in animal abuse and to give people a chance to do their part to help the poor animals.

We are going to raise funds by selling keychains, charms, bracelets. On top of that, we will also sell cookies and brownies from certified food companies., Cookies will be sold at $3.50, brownies at $5., Keychains and charms will be sold at $2 each. Bracelets will be sold at $3 each

4. The principal has asked for 3 suggestions from your class on the holiday enrichment programmes that students would like to have. Write a report on the programmes suggested, clearly explaining the benefits to the students and to the school or CCA or class, as well as the duration of the course.

Group 8

Internationalisation, Open students' eyes to the world and learn about other countries' culture, learn to cherish what they have in Singapore., Duration: one week

Flag-day, Students can learn to help other people, Gain CIP hours, 3 sessions, 5 hours per session

Cooking lessons, Students can be more independent and learn to cook for themselves, Every Friday for 2 hours

To: Mrs Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School

From: Group 8 Students Crescent Girls School

Subject: Suggestions for Holiday Enrichment Programmes

Date: 25 April 2011

Group 9

Etiquette courses, Teach students how to conduct themselves properly with decorum

Time management courses, Teach students how to manage their time well

To: Mrs Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School

Subject: Suggestions for Holiday Enrichment Programme

Date: 18 April 2011

Physical Recreation (eg. softball), Ensures that students stay healthy and fit

Group 10

Drama enrichment program, Enable yourself to express your feelings better; new exposure, 1 hour per lesson

Cooking lessons, Ensures that you will always be able to provide for yourself and survive without food, 2 hours per lesson

Swimming courses, Essential Life saving skill in case of emergency. The program should include those who do not know how to swim from all levels in the school. It is beneficial to all students., 2 hours per lesson

Foreign language class, Expands your horizon to the world, 1 hour per lesson

Manga, Understand Japanese culture and art, and learn how to draw various types of mangas, 1 and a half hour per lesson

IT, Increase your effectiveness when using the computer. Update oneself to the new technology; to keep in touch with the current trend, 1 and a half hours per lesson, Beneficial to all students

To: Mrs Eugenia Lim Principal Crescent Girls' School From: Mao Ning Student Crescent Girls' School Subject: Suggestions on Holiday Enrichment Courses Date: 25 April 2011