Electronic Arts (EA)

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Electronic Arts (EA) by Mind Map: Electronic Arts (EA)

1. Marketing team - Promotional (PR)

1.1. Works along side the development team to promote the video game, teasing bits and parts of the game. This generates a massive amount of hype for the game, leaving the gamers wanting more; and increasing pre order sales

1.2. Marketing team also works closely with the sales team to better increase sale numbers.

1.3. During massive AAA title launches and announcements, the marketing team will use events such as E3, and EA play to further generate hype.

1.4. Building meaningful relationships with customers around the world who enjoy playing EA games.

1.5. Works with various teams on digital best practices and trends in content consumption and creation

2. Sales team - Distribution

2.1. Works closely with the marketing team to deliver the best possible outcome for the company.

2.2. The team is responsible for sales in there area, and the common strategy has to include facets that address any particular needs of the company.

2.3. Setting goals and quotas, building sales plans and collection different types of data.

2.4. Customer interaction, networking with other potential clients.

2.5. Working with the marketing team and figure out what the company should sell, and have set prices for those products.

3. Product Development

3.1. Coordinates with product management or project manager, along with the marketing team.

3.2. Braining storming up a new game or product to bring to the market.

3.3. Coming up with a prototype or alpha to determine if the idea is worth pursuing.

3.3.1. An example would be Star Wars 1313 before the cancellation by Disney. This game was in pre alpha state or was a "prototype". However Disney felt that a rated M Star Wars game was not worth following, and wouldn't have value.

3.4. Developing a solid strategy once the company and team decide to move on with the concept or project.

3.5. Continue to develop the prototype making it presentable to shareholders of the company.

4. Product Management

4.1. Works closely with the product development team.

4.2. Oversees the entire project making sure each team is on the same page as one another.

4.3. Identify profitable opportunities that the company needs, including the market

4.4. Develops customer relationships with the community

4.5. Analyzes market data to make better choices for the team and company.

5. Technology research & development

5.1. Looking for ways to improve things such as game engines.

5.2. Makes sure IT security for the company is as secure as possible and if problems rise up, reporting to the proper people.

5.3. Data and AI work, following the companies ecosystem

5.4. Helping better improve anti cheat systems for future games.

5.5. Reinforcing the companies database infrastructure.