Hana's Suitcase

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Hana's Suitcase by Mind Map: Hana's Suitcase

1. Hana's family were Jews.

1.1. In her family she had 3 other members in her family her mom her dad and her older brother George.

2. Hitler and his Nazis were in power of Germany.

2.1. Ther was a talk of war going on.

2.1.1. In the evenings the children would go to be and the parents would sit near the radio an listen to whats happening.

3. Jewish children were no longer allowed to got to school.

3.1. Hana's parents had enough money to pay for a tutor for Hana and George.

4. They took Hana's mother away from her and put her in a concentration camp.

4.1. Hana and her brother and her father had to wear a gold star representing that they were Jews.

5. They lost both their parents because they got taken away to go to a concentration camp.

5.1. She and her brother live alone then their uncle comes and asks them to live with him.

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6. Hana and her brother had to leave their uncle's house to go to a concentration camp.

6.1. They got a letter saying that they have to go to a deportation center.

6.1.1. They were forced to get out of that center to go to Theresienstadt fortress.

7. Hana and George were on a train with other Jewish people all they could think of ifs the fear of whats going to happen to them.

7.1. The doors flung open and they saw a sign that said "Bohusovic Station". They were forced to walk the rest of the way to the Theresienstadt fortress.It was a few kilometers but their suit cases were very heavy.

8. Hana and George approach the entrance everybody is wearing a gold star just like them and they were all lined up to go to there camps.

8.1. Boys and men were sent in one direction and girls were sent the other way But Hanna did not want to be separated from her brother, she asked the soldier if she could stay with George but all he said was NO! "Go left go right".

9. Hana missed George very badly she was to young to go out to see George.

9.1. Hana constantly kept checking in with older girls who were allowed to go outside.They took Hana under their wing they felt sorry for her, alone in the world, no mom no dad and no brother with her.

10. Hana made friends with an older girl in the next bunk. Her name is Ella she was lively and happy to spend time with someone who looked up to her.

10.1. Separated from their families, crammed in small places,with very little food, and they are trying to make the best of a bad situation.

11. There was an an announcement saying the girls were allowed to go out once a week for two hours.

11.1. Hana immediately goes to see George . George was working away for his new job as a plumber. And they spent all the time they had together to ask questions about how they have been doing.

12. The Nazis were loosing war so more people got to leave Theresienstadt and be sent to the east.

12.1. Hana finds her brothers name on the list and she was so sad she got on her knees and started crying. Her brother was being sent away to the east.

12.1.1. George gave Hana one last hug and then the curfew whistle rang and George had to go.

13. They were going to go to a Reunion in the east but guards ordered them to get out in Auschwitz.

13.1. The gaurd started pointing at people to get taken away and the gaurd pointed towards Hanaand the others behind her.

13.1.1. And they were taken in to this room and then the door closed behind them with a loud noise.

14. When George Brady was 17 years old he was freed so he wanted to travel back to Nove Mesto in search for his mom dad and sister. He made it to his Uncle Ludvik's house.

14.1. He asked them where his parents were and they said that they got murdered in 1942.

14.1.1. Currently George Brady is 72 years old.

15. One day he met a lady who was friends with Hana in Theresienstadt and she said Hana had been murdered in the gas chamber at Auschwitz.

15.1. And to this day he is still regretting the fact that he could not protect his little sister.

16. Everyday they would have to sweep,dust under the bunks,and do the dishes.

16.1. There were secret classes held in the attic. There was music class,sewing and art.

17. The place Hana had to live in for the next 2 years was in a place with ten dormitory rooms. Twenty girls slept in each room with mattresses filled with straw.

17.1. There was never enough food,never a chance for a private moment. There were too many bugs, rats,and too many Nazis who watched them .