Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Offices

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Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Offices by Mind Map: Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Offices

1. multicultural

2. Settlement Services

2.1. Womens Programs

2.2. Child and Youth Programs (camps, drop-ins)

2.3. Highest Unemployment and Child Poverty in Ontario

3. English Language Instruction Programs

4. Orient Newcomers

4.1. Computer Training

4.2. Interview Skills

4.3. Networking Strategies

5. Mentorship and Internships

5.1. Employment Services

6. Community

6.1. Services 4,500 children

6.2. Community Development

6.3. Housing Services

6.3.1. Lacks Affordable Housing

6.4. Health Services

7. The Neighbourhood

7.1. Largest School in North America

8. Mission, Values and Beliefs

8.1. building a safe and healthy community through supporting and strengthening the quality of individual and community life

8.2. We envision a space in which all families and individuals thrive, contribute and build a showcase neighbourhood and a model community.

8.3. Integrity, Free Speech, Leadership, Teamwrok

9. Cultural Diverstiy

9.1. The organization offers services based on the needs of the community, They involve the people in the neighbourhood to brainstorm, plan, create and maintain programs for newcomers using a collaborative approach,

10. Program Accessibility

10.1. The Center is open to all community members- Programs are adverstised at local schools, and around the neighbourhood. All members all welcome and different programs are set up to address different groups of peoeple.