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Hist/Geo by Mind Map: Hist/Geo

1. The United States

1.1. Native Americans

1.2. Cold War

1.3. Settlements etc...

2. Teacher: Mr.Hart

3. Geography

3.1. Longitude

3.2. Latitude

3.3. Absolute Location

3.4. Relative Location

3.5. Europe: Political and physical Map

3.6. The United states

3.6.1. The Political and Physical Map

4. History

4.1. The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, The Explorations, The Golden Ages, etc....

4.2. Alexander The Great

4.2.1. Son of Phillip II Of Macedonia

4.3. Christopher Columbus

4.3.1. Discovery of South & North America

4.4. Vaco de Gama

4.4.1. Commander of the first ship travelling directly from Europe to India

4.5. Emperor Caesar Augustus

4.5.1. Nephew of Juluis Caesar Inisiated a period of peace and prosperity in Rome: Pax Romana(Roman Peace)

5. Projects

5.1. Timeline Project

5.2. American Super-Hero

5.2.1. American Volcano

5.3. India

5.4. International Day

5.4.1. Country: India Group: Rayad, Abdula Rakman, Ali and Me

6. Students: 8th Grade