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Speak good English skit by Mind Map: Speak good English skit
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Speak good English skit

Point 1: Fun

[Point]More fun than research.

They get to act as another character in the skit.

Students can get to do the skit as a group together, so it can be fun and interesting to come up with different ideas.

Point3: Use of Proper English

students will not use slang or singlish

learn more vocabulary words

students will be able to use and apply proper English in their skit.

pronunciation of English words and phrases.

[point]Proper English will help us to communicate effectively with people.

point 2:speak good english skit

[Point] Skit is more intresting and fun.

Skit can convey the message more effectively

skit can help student to learn better and more efficient

Acted out by everyone

Improve oral skills.

Everyone is involved in the final product.

Can boost confidence when everyone is taking part.

Point: Can encourage teamwork and team building.


Purpose: Tell them the activity that was decided on.

Perspective: English Representative

Audience: Secondary 2 students


Tone: persuasive, informal


Therefore, as part of the Speak Good English Movement, I stongly think that we should go with the skit as it will bring fun, intresting skits and allow all of you to enhance your English Language which improves your oral skills.