Speak good English skit

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Speak good English skit by Mind Map: Speak good English skit

1. Point3: Use of Proper English

1.1. students will not use slang or singlish

1.1.1. People will better able to understand what they are conveying.

1.2. learn more vocabulary words

1.3. students will be able to use and apply proper English in their skit.

1.3.1. They can also apply what they learn on their writting as well.

1.4. pronunciation of English words and phrases.

1.5. [point]Proper English will help us to communicate effectively with people.

1.5.1. [Explain]Students now mainly uses Singlish to speak with their friends, teachers, parents and even strangers.With the use of proper use of english , their will speak proper english more fluently. [Elaboration] When students communicate with tourists or people from other country, they tend to speak singlish and the tourist will not be able to understand them. When they try to speak proper english, they will have much difficulties as they are too used to singlish. [link] Thus the skit acted out will have a impact on the students and allow them to know and understand why they have to speak proper english.

2. point 2:speak good english skit

2.1. [Point] Skit is more intresting and fun.

2.1.1. [Explain] Students and actors will be be able to learn more effectively how to speak good english through the skit. Skit tends to be able to make their audience focus on them. [Elaboration] Since this is a speak good english skit, the main part of the skit will be about speaking good english thus while rehearsing for the skit, the students whom are acting will be repeating their lines thus able to remember reasons of why they have to speak good english. whereas Students whom are the audience will be able to learn how to speak good english through some intresting scenes that carries the message of why must they speak good english and remember the mesage as it will be deeply eteched to their mind for quite some time. [Link] Thus i can say that through interesting and funny skits, students will be able to know and understand reasons of peaking good engish.

2.2. Skit can convey the message more effectively

2.3. skit can help student to learn better and more efficient

3. Introduction

3.1. Purpose: Tell them the activity that was decided on.

3.1.1. Good Morning , I am the English Representative of the class, and I am here to explain and convince you which activity I chose for the speak good english movement that will enables group work and involves oral presentation. There were two choices to choose from, one being a skit or doing a research. After a very long discussion we strongly think that we should choose the skit for our class.

3.2. Perspective: English Representative

3.3. Audience: Secondary 2 students

3.4. Content:

3.5. Tone: persuasive, informal

4. Conclusion

4.1. Therefore, as part of the Speak Good English Movement, I stongly think that we should go with the skit as it will bring fun, intresting skits and allow all of you to enhance your English Language which improves your oral skills.

5. Point 1: Fun

5.1. [Point]More fun than research.

5.1.1. [Explain]Being able to do a skit can let students express their creativity [Elaboration]As they get to write their own script with their own ideas, they can include any intresting things to the skit as long as it is releated to the topic. When acting, they can be very dramatic to allow the audience to enjoy and learn more. [link] Thus the skit not only allow the students to learn, yet at the same time have fun.

5.2. They get to act as another character in the skit.

5.3. Students can get to do the skit as a group together, so it can be fun and interesting to come up with different ideas.

6. Acted out by everyone

6.1. Improve oral skills.

6.2. Everyone is involved in the final product.

6.3. Can boost confidence when everyone is taking part.

6.4. Point: Can encourage teamwork and team building.

6.4.1. [Explain]Communication will improve the relationship with one another. [Elaboration]They can combine their ideas together in order to improve on the skit. [Link]Thus, acting definitely promotes teamwork.