Designing a Trophy Case

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Designing a Trophy Case by Mind Map: Designing a Trophy Case

1. Person A

1.1. responsible for transport and arranging trophies in display right away

1.1.1. Later works with group to allow room for photos/articles

2. Person A

2.1. Wants Efficiency

2.2. Seeks Quick Results

2.3. Lacks Creative Energy

3. Mediator

3.1. Help Person B Set Realistic Goals

3.1.1. Yay Newspaper Articles

3.1.2. Yay Pictures

3.1.3. Nay Claymation and Expensive Stands

4. Person B

4.1. Motivated to dig for extras

4.2. Might take longer to do job

4.3. Has Creative Energy

5. Person B

5.1. Not involved with logistics... jumps into research to find articles and pictures

5.1.1. Later works with group to finalize arrangement of trophies with extras

6. Mediator

6.1. Help Person A Gain Creative Energy

6.1.1. Can fill in back ground of case if there any missing spots

7. Mediator

7.1. Assists A&B with their tasks (works twice as hard?)