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Speech Sounds by Mind Map: Speech Sounds

1. Speech Organs

1.1. The Lungs

1.1.1. Inhalation an Exhalation of air

1.1.2. The Epiglottis

1.1.3. The trachea

1.2. Larynx

1.2.1. Vocal cords/folds

1.2.2. Articulators Are the muscles in the vocal Tract Pharynx The soft Palate/Velum The hard palate Alveolar Ridge The tongue The teeth The Lips Articulatory Phonetics

1.3. Vocal tract

1.3.1. It's used to form sounds which are called articulators Buccal Oral Nasal Pharyngingeal cavities

2. Categories

2.1. Periodic

2.2. Noisy

2.2.1. ("Sh", "O","P")

2.3. Impulsive

3. Phoneme

3.1. Provides a meanin in a word

4. Phonetic

4.1. Study of sound variations

4.2. Phonetic Features

4.2.1. Loudness

4.2.2. Pitch

4.2.3. Tone of voice

4.2.4. Duration and length

5. Sound

5.1. Air pressure at the lips