Levels of Policing in Canada

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Levels of Policing in Canada by Mind Map: Levels of Policing in Canada

1. Provincial Police

1.1. Jurisdiction in rural areas and unincorporated regions ex. Ontario Provincial Police Surete du Quebec Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

1.1.1. responsible for: policing services for ares lacking local police forces, specialized support to smaller municipal police forces, investigates provincewide and cross-jurisdictional crimes, patrols provincial highways, waterways in the province.

1.1.2. Ontario Police 690 Cedar Lane Bracebridge

2. Aboriginal Police

2.1. The Dakota-Ojibway Police Service

2.1.1. Responsible for: public order on First Nations across Canada

2.1.2. Aboriginal Legal Services Of Toronto 415 Yonge St, Toronto

3. Federal Police

3.1. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

3.1.1. Responsible for:enforcing federal laws throughout Canada

3.1.2. Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1200 Vanier Pky, Ottawa

4. Municipal Police

4.1. Squads and Units ex.Gang Crime Unit Robbery Squad Homicide Squad Explosives Disposal Unit

4.1.1. Responsible for: From protect goods, services and facilities, monitor vehicle traffic, public obey the legal requirements, protect the environment and historical heritage

4.1.2. Toronto Police Service 40 College St, Toronto