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Levels Of Police In Canada by Mind Map: Levels Of Police In Canada
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Levels Of Police In Canada

Federal police

Customs and excise

Drug enforcement

Econimic Crime

Federal policing


Proceeds of crime

Criminal Intelligence

Intenational Liaison and Protective services

Provincal Police

Police municipalities that do not have their own police force.

They respond to emergency requests from Municiple police.

They provide control on all 400 series and major highways.

They have other assigned duties.

Municipal Police

Preserving the peace.

Preventing crimes from occuring

Assisting victims of crime

Apprehending criminals

Laying charges and participating in prosecutions.

Executing warrants

Enforcing municipal bylaws

Aboriginal Police

They provide a partnership with federal government, provinical/territorial governments, and Aboriginal peoples to develop police services for Aboriginal communites.

Their goal is to offer services that are both professional and sensitive to the needs of the community

All provinces except Ontario and Quebec they're the only operating police force in Nunavut, The Yukon, and Northwest Territories.

All Provinces and in some parts of Newfouland and Labadour. They have jurisdiction in rural areas and unincorprated regions around cities.

Municipal Police forces have jurisdiction ove policing in towns and cities throughout Canada.

Aboringinal communties throughout Canada. The first stand alone Police service was the Dakota-Ojibway.

RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

OPP(Ontario Provincal Police) , Surete Du Quebec, The Royal Newfoundland. RCMP can operate as Provincal.

Provincal and RCMP. Barrie police.


They wear red uniforms, and they are the highest police force in canada. they also get to ride around on horses

The OPP have Golden helmets, which are a group of police bikers.

They all know each other in their communities and they are all small.

They look after just one town or city, therefore they get to know the area and work for us,not against us!