Levels of Police in Canada

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Levels of Police in Canada by Mind Map: Levels of Police in Canada

1. Provincial

1.1. Has jurisdiction in rural areas and in unincorporated regions around cities.

1.2. The largest of these forces is the one in Ontario (OPP), Ontario Provincial Police. Followed by Sureté du Québec and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

1.3. Policing municipalities that are not required by law to maintain their own police force.

1.4. Responding to municipal police requests for special assistance in emergencies.

1.5. Providing traffic control on all 400-series and other major highways, including those sections that are in the jurisdiction of municipal police forces.

1.6. Providing investigative services, on request, to the coroner's office and to other provincial ministeries.

1.7. Performing other assigned duties, such as maintaining the provincial fire arms registry

2. Aboriginal

2.1. Rsponsible for public order on first nations across Canada

2.2. Offer services that are both professional and sensitive to the needs of the community

3. Federal

3.1. RCMP(Mounties)

3.2. Formed in 1873

3.3. Found in all territories and provinces, except Ontario and Quebec

3.4. Only operating police force in Nunavut, Yukon and NWT

3.5. Focus on these areas:

3.5.1. Customs and excise

3.5.2. Drug enforcement

3.5.3. Economic crime

3.5.4. Federal policing

3.5.5. Immigration

3.5.6. Proceeds of crime

3.5.7. Criminal intelligence

3.5.8. International liason and protective services

4. Municipal

4.1. Have juristiction over towns and cities throughout Canada.

4.2. Duties may include:

4.2.1. preserving the peace

4.2.2. preventing crimes from occuring

4.2.3. assisting victims of crime

4.2.4. apprehending criminals

4.2.5. laying charges and participating in prosecutions

4.2.6. executing warrents

4.2.7. enforcing municipal bylaws