Education For the Future in Math and Science (EFMS) Program

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Education For the Future in Math and Science (EFMS) Program by Mind Map: Education For the Future in Math and Science (EFMS) Program

1. Key Partners

1.1. Potential Partnership

1.2. Sanford Project

1.3. State Education Departments

1.4. State Universities

2. Value Proposition

2.1. Lack of quality math and science teachers in Low-Income areas and in Secondary Education.

3. Customer Segments

3.1. School lacking proficient Math and Science teachers

3.2. Schools with students underperforming in math and science

4. Key Resources

4.1. Financial Support

4.1.1. Partnerships with Businesses

4.1.2. Partnerships with Non-profit organizations

4.2. EFMS Website

5. Revenue Streams

6. Cost Structure

6.1. The Academy

6.1.1. Personnel

6.1.2. Instructors

6.2. Recruitment

6.3. EFMS Website

6.4. Administration

7. Key Activities

7.1. Training Program

7.1.1. Summer Program

7.1.2. Classroom Preparation

7.1.3. Math or Science Competence Courses Six focused math or science courses totaling at least 18 credits

7.2. Recruitment

7.2.1. College Graduates Interest in Teaching Math or Science Possess 6 credits of Math or 6 credits of Science

7.2.2. Incentives Program will give members 5,000-10,000 dollar bonus after first year of teaching completion

7.3. Community Outreach

7.3.1. Members in the classroom will use skype to interact with students. Mentor Advising Validation

7.3.2. Use Adobe Connect to interact with students using an online interface

7.3.3. Host camps or summits for families to attend Members will show parents how to engage students in math or science at home.

7.4. Classroom Support Program

7.4.1. Each member will be equipped with 2-5,000 dollars towards classroom supplies

7.5. Digital Alumni Program

7.5.1. Discuss Math and Science Curriculum

7.5.2. Discuss ways to utilize technology

8. Customer Relationships

8.1. Professional

8.2. Ethic of Care

9. Channels