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German Language by Mind Map: German Language
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German Language

German Dialects

Central German languages

Colognian language, Kölsch dialect, Colognian phonology, Historic Colognian

High German languages

Austro-Bavarian language, Austro-Bavarian given names, Austro-Bavarian toponyms, Austro-Bavarian words and phrases

Yiddish language, Linguists of Yiddish, Yiddish literature, Novels by Sholem Aleichem, Yiddish-language playwrights, Yiddish-language poets

Low Franconian languages

Dutch language, Middle Dutch literature, Gloriant, Jacob van Maerlant, Flemish writers, Flemish poets, Hugo Claus, Alice Nahon, Dimitri Verhulst

German Music

Austrian music

Albums by Austrian artists, Angizia albums, 39 Jahre für den Leierkastenmann, Belphegor albums, Bondage Goat Zombie, Goatreich – Fleshcult

Belgian music

Albums by Belgian artists, EPs by Belgian artists, Klinik EPs, Arid albums

Dutch music

Albums by Dutch artists, Albums by Dutch artists by genre, Angels and Agony albums, Electronica albums by Dutch artists, 2 Unlimited albums

German- language Literature

German literature

German literary awards, Georg Büchner Prize winners, H. C. Artmann, Gottfried Benn, Wolfgang Hildesheimer, German writers, German astrological writers, Valentine Naibod, Heinrich Rantzau, German dramatists and playwrights, List of German-language playwrights, Thomas Bernhard, Georg Büchner, Hans Ackermann

Swiss literature

Swiss literary awards, Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Prize, Gottfried-Keller-Preis

Swiss fiction, Swiss horror, Swiss horror films, Humains, Killer Condom

German- speaking Countries


Austria-related lists, Lists of ambassadors to Austria, List of Ambassadors from France to Austria, List of Ambassadors of Russia to Austria

Austrian society, Austrian activists, Austrian environmentalists, The Greens – The Green Alternative politicians, Austrian human rights activists, Felix Ermacora, Gerald Nagler


German culture, German cuisine, Baden cuisine, Black Forest cake, Black Forest ham, Bavarian cuisine, Bavarian cream, Buchteln, Burials in Germany, Burials in Baden-Württemberg, Burials at Backnang Abbey, Baden-Württemberg, Herman II, Margrave of Baden, Herman III, Margrave of Baden

Education in Germany, Education in Germany by state, Education in Baden-Württemberg, Education in Germany by city or town, Education in Berlin


Buildings and structures in Switzerland, Airports in Switzerland, Ambri Airport, Bern Airport, Amusement parks in Switzerland, Jungfrau Park, Swiss Vapeur Parc