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Stereotyping by Mind Map: Stereotyping

1. What I Learned

1.1. That stereotyping is more dangerous than a lot of people think, and we need to realize that we do it, because if we don't, we can't get rid of it.

2. 4 Ideas from the Essay

2.1. Stereotyping is Dangerous

2.1.1. Can hurt people's feelings.

2.1.2. Separates the world.

2.2. Why People Stereotype

2.2.1. To make themselves feel better.

2.2.2. To find a way to "fit in".

2.3. Everyone Stereotypes

2.3.1. Taught to stereotype as a kid without even knowing it.

2.4. Demolish Stereotyping

2.4.1. 3 Special Steps