The Current State of ICT (Information & Communication Technology )

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The Current State of ICT (Information & Communication Technology ) by Mind Map: The Current State of ICT (Information & Communication Technology )

1. the wWw (world wide web) is an information space were documents and other web resources are identified by URL's interlinked by hypertext links and can be accessed via internet

2. Software as a Service - users will subscribe to software only when needed rather than purchasing them

3. web 2.0 - Also known as ''dynamic web page". This used for interaction & collaboration . This used around the year of 2004. This were the beginning of social media (wikipedia, google ,friendster etc) . all people can participate in this website

4. Darci Di NUcci in 1999 - not new version of web just a refocus of its use

5. User Participation- the owner of the web site is not the only one who is able to put content. Example : comment , review , evaluation etc.

6. Web 1.0 - also known as ''state web page . This web 1.0 is read only web . Also the feedback mechanism while be thru email , there is no direct comment and also it focus in company.

7. Rich user experience - content is dynamics end responsive to user's input

8. Folksonomy - allows user to categorized and classify / arrange information using freely chosen keywords . example : facebook , instagram , twitter , etc.

9. Features of web 2.0

10. the world wide web was invented by Tim Berners -Lee in 1989

11. Long tail - service that offered on demand rather than one time purchase

12. Mass Participation - diverse information sharing through universal web access .

13. Web 3.0 - known as ''Sematic web or Data driven web content and response. it allows data to be shared and reused across application