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Malawi rice: the big picture by Mind Map: Malawi rice: the big picture
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Malawi rice: the big picture

1. Agriculture & Climate

Global warming

Increased ambient temperature

Increased water temperature

Agriculture efficiency gains


Seed varieties & GM crops


Land management policies

Property rights & small vs. Large farmers

Land usage


2. Population & Health

Population growth

Per capita rice consumption

Labour force

HIV/AIDS & other emerging health threats




Ageing demographic

Double burden of disease, Infectious diseases, Chronic & degenerative diseases

Demographic & epidemiological transitions

Urbanisation & changing lifestyles

3. Economy & Trade

Rice in the global economy

Emerging trends & spatial patterns of rice production

Rice & structural transformation

Asia's green revolution: past achievements & future challenges

Household income dynamics & changes in gender roles in rice farming

Fostering a green revolution in rice: can Africa replicate Asia's experience?

Long-run dynamics of rice consumption, 1960 - 2050

The global rice supply & demand outlook: the need for greater productivity growth to keep rice affordable

Organisation of rice production, post harvest operations and input efficiency

Economic development, land tenure, and the changing optimum farm size

Rice seed provision & the evolution of seed markets

Fertiliser use, markets & management

Managing irrigation in an environment of water scarcity

Rice pest management: issues and opportunities for efficient post production operations

The evolving rice market structure

The international rice trade: structure, conduct, and performance

Domestic rice price, trade, and marketing policies

Technological opportunities and R&D policies

Rice & global climate change

Technological opportunities for developing & deploying improved germplasm for key target traits

Positioning rice research globally: investment arrangements & emerging challenges

4. Poverty & Inequality

Gini co-efficient

Small farmers vs large farms



Impact investment


Labour force and farming/ managerial policies

Small farms vs. large scale irrigation schemes?

5. Society & Political

Agricultural policies



Political stability: internal & regional

Water scarcity & conflict?

6. Labour force


The job 'mix': agriculture, industry, service sector


Dependency ratio


Fertility & mortality

7. Demand & Supply


Wealth accumulation and changing diets, Asia: trend towards more meat. Impact on land use and calorie per hectare, Africa: wealth and shift from maize to rice?


Farming efficiency and crop yields

Supply side expenses, Import tariffs, Fuel & transportation costs