Business Development Plan 09-2010

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Business Development Plan 09-2010 by Mind Map: Business Development Plan 09-2010

1. Pathway to New Business

1.1. Connecting with Exisiting clients

1.1.1. those with no client facilitators

1.1.2. Client Faciltiators List clients -determine a plan and a schedule to reach How to tie into Scott Miller's work How can we help: JTBD New Faciltator support Web based Support day webinar

1.1.3. Blogs for news and information

1.1.4. Connect with Dr. Covey's community

1.2. Connecting with Prospects

1.2.1. Reaching Districts + School Admin. contact strategy email campaigns phone based web based Conferences Public Program Individual teachers: email lists Webinar + record it Teacher package service centers Universities email lists districts exisitng clients to send to their teachers conferences Dr. Covey's site List clients -determine a plan and a schedule to reach FC ED site

1.2.2. Connecting with HE Network with existing HE accounts Cal U Symposium what does the Ed team say-collaboration Contact Strategy email web based Phone based Conferences Public Program Get HE data

1.2.3. Tapping into NE and Federal Events use email signature to include events

1.2.4. Tapping into Corproate web casts e.g Speed of trust

1.2.5. How can we drive revenue from the Web?

1.2.6. What role consultants play Chuck Meg Non billable days Expected behaviors for driving business Debrief session

1.2.7. Review past leads eg. John Boone

1.2.8. Regional or state based Focus develop a map for strategic work eg. NY/WV

1.2.9. Leads from client referrals: watch the events with high NPS

1.3. Using Show cases??

1.4. comb Sales force

2. Client qualifying

2.1. Use Mahan Process

2.1.1. outake system qualify quickly upfront face to face visits??

2.2. qualify web, email and phone leads-reactive

2.2.1. create a questionaire or filter to understand the level of their interest e.g teacher for themselves

2.3. develop a recorded webcast/pod cast to educate clients on a diagnostic approach

2.3.1. move to the xQ

2.4. using the public's team to qualify

2.4.1. how to identify in SF

2.4.2. when do they pass the lead to us

2.4.3. will they move client to an onsite or move the lead to us

2.4.4. do they stay with the client/how long

2.4.5. what is their role to educate

3. Strategic Partnerships

3.1. IUS/Boces

3.2. Educational entities: e.g ASCD

3.3. Corporate for leader in me funding

3.3.1. working with corporate cps

3.4. e.g Ruth Hollis/Cynthia Barnett

3.5. PA state-J Cannon-Kevin Little

4. working with FED Team

4.1. FED DOE

4.2. Other state agencies ed connected

5. Defining Roles

5.1. Bret

5.2. Kimberly

5.3. Shawn's public team

5.4. CSCs

6. Definining models

6.1. Revenue Based Model

6.1.1. under 5k Individual classroom Public program attendance grade level

6.1.2. 6-10k

6.1.3. 11k-40k school based Intial district roll out

6.1.4. 75-100k

6.2. Content Basd Model

6.2.1. Leadership

6.2.2. xecution

6.2.3. 7 Habits other

6.3. Org structure model

6.3.1. Individual Teacher

6.3.2. School based

6.3.3. Grade based

6.4. What is the breakdown of our clients?

7. effective use of tools

7.1. sales force

7.1.1. dashboard

7.1.2. forecasting

7.1.3. create proper drop down for Opportunites to reflect our lead indicators

7.1.4. can reports be included e.g mahan Jtbd etc.

7.2. easy read of training events to reference