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Business Development Plan 09-2010 by Mind Map: Business Development Plan 09-2010
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Business Development Plan 09-2010

Pathway to New Business

Data research and review project: see mind map  

Connecting with Exisiting clients

Proactive Process for Connecting for existing clients: see mind map on same

Connecting with Prospects

Using Show cases??

comb Sales force

Client qualifying

Who you talk to will detemrine the kind of business youhave?

Use Mahan Process

qualify web, email and phone leads-reactive

develop a recorded webcast/pod cast to educate clients on a diagnostic approach

using the public's team to qualify

Strategic Partnerships


Educational entities: e.g ASCD

Corporate for leader in me funding

e.g Ruth Hollis/Cynthia Barnett

PA state-J Cannon-Kevin Little

working with FED Team


Other state agencies ed connected

Defining Roles



Shawn's public team


Definining models

Revenue Based Model

based on total rev goal: how will the map of these models look? Do I set a goal of x amount of each? what is the average $ per client

Content Basd Model

Org structure model

What is the breakdown of our clients?

effective use of tools

sales force

easy read of training events to reference