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Water Website by Mind Map: Water Website

1. Facts and information about water.

1.1. For the people to read and learn about water.

2. Surveys

2.1. To see if the people are commited enough to help with the water problems in poor places like Africa.

3. Quiz

3.1. To test people if they have learnt anything from my website.

4. Video

4.1. To make the learning of the viewers more intresting by watching useful videos instead of reading the information.

5. Links on charaties

5.1. For anyone which is intrested to send money or water.

6. Gagets about water

6.1. New node

7. Games

7.1. To get viewers of my site to get intrested and hopefully learn more with the games.

8. Information on how you can help

8.1. For people which want to help with the water shorteges in africa can see this page to see what they need to do.

9. Pictures

9.1. To show people pictures of african kids with water shortages.

10. Flash button

10.1. For people to click to take them to the home page and the information pages.