Increase Persistence for First Generation College Students (FGCS)

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Increase Persistence for First Generation College Students (FGCS) by Mind Map: Increase Persistence for First Generation College Students (FGCS)

1. Funding/Revenue

1.1. University funding for Academic success Initiatives

1.2. Grants

1.3. Community Financial Support

2. Student Success Programs

2.1. Academic Success Services

2.2. McNair Scholars

2.3. Upward Bound

3. New Ideas from First Generation Students

3.1. Create community for FGCS

3.2. Academic Advisors Specifically for FGCS

3.2.1. Academic Support

3.2.2. Academic Coaching

3.3. Create outreach for FGCS about program

3.3.1. Classes

3.3.2. FGCS programs

3.3.3. Campus Tours

3.4. Make Program it weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-montly

3.5. Add multiyear support program to help FGCS through all of college

4. Customer Segments

4.1. FGCS families

4.2. FGCS

4.3. FGCS College Services

4.4. Student Success Programs

5. Key Partners

5.1. Academic Success Programs

5.2. FGCS scholarship programs

5.3. Student Success Initiatives

5.4. First Year Student Programming

5.5. University College

5.6. Residence Life

5.7. Student Engagement

6. Key Activities

6.1. FGCS Mentorship Program

6.2. Academic Success Mandatory Course

6.3. FGCS Academic Advisors

6.4. Create supportive learning and peer community

6.5. Increase Persistence for FGCS in first year through education

7. Objectives

7.1. Increase Persistence

7.2. Develop positive first generation student identity

7.3. Create peer community for academic and social support

7.4. Provide Academic Resources for Student success

8. Student Affairs

8.1. Multicultural Student Services

8.2. Academic Success Services

8.3. University College

9. New Ideas From Higher Education Professionals

9.1. Rename program: do not call it a workshop

9.2. Make it into a mandatory course with credit

9.3. Integrate students socially

9.3.1. Living Learning Center for FGCS in Residence Halls

9.3.2. Create a community for FGCS

9.3.3. Provide support from peers

9.3.4. Include Peer Mentorship/Advising Component

9.4. Provide first year students with academic resources and opportunities on campus whether for work, academic, social, financial info.

9.5. Outreach for FGCS

9.5.1. Can target via email

9.5.2. FGCS related programs

9.5.3. FGCS Scholarship recipients

10. Key Resources

10.1. Partnerships with Key Partners mentioned

10.2. Student Volunteers

10.3. Support from University

10.4. Support from community

10.5. Funding

11. Value Propositions

11.1. Increase Persistence for FGCS

11.2. New initiative to increase academic and social success for FGCS students in first year

11.3. Increases overall student success at university

12. Customer relationships

12.1. Provide personalized relationships with FGCS

12.2. Partnerships with FGCS students, advisors, college staff

12.3. Care, support, and dedication for helping FGCS

12.4. Create community with FGCS peers and program facilitators/staff