Summer Paper Reading

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Summer Paper Reading by Mind Map: Summer Paper Reading

1. Visual Tracking

1.1. On-line Random Forrest

1.1.1. IDEA: grow multiple randomized decision trees on-line for classification

1.1.2. KEY On-line Bagging On-line Growing Trees choose the best question(test) split the leaf only when needed and able to gain best benefit On-line Adaptation temporal knowledge weighting ability to unlearn useless knowledge ability to handle changing data distribution

1.1.3. APPLICATION tracking object in real-time, able to handle occlusion fast movement view point change

1.2. Online Multi-Class LPBoost

1.3. P-N Learning: Bootstrapping Binary Classifiers by Structural Constraints

1.4. New node

2. Structure and Motion Estimation for AR

2.1. Model Based

2.2. Match Moving Based

2.2.1. Line Feature Based Moving in Stereo: Efficient Structure and Motion Using Lines

2.2.2. Point Feature Based

2.3. Homography Matching Based