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water website by Mind Map: water website

1. differnt places in world with water problems

2. videos

3. water game

3.1. so people can interact

4. sources

4.1. to show what websites i used for my infomation

5. how you can help save water

5.1. thing that people can do to help save water

6. survey

6.1. what peopleknow about water

7. a map of world highligting where water is a big problem

7.1. so that people know where water is a big problem in the world

8. flash button

8.1. so that website look professional

9. quiz

9.1. to test how much people know

10. for all age groups

10.1. make sure Suitable for anyone to look at

11. facts

11.1. different facts about water

12. pic

12.1. related to water

13. Statistics

14. colour

14.1. Eye catching

14.1.1. background

15. gadgets