God's Sovereignty

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God's Sovereignty by Mind Map: God's Sovereignty

1. God's Will

2. Authority

3. Parables

3.1. Electricity

3.1.1. Always been here Static Electricity Thunder Storms People could have used it if they could have understood the laws that had governed it. Ignorance kept us from benefiting from electricity

3.2. Wood Conductor

3.2.1. Unbelief in God's Principles of our Tongue, Faith flows through words, in the power of words are death and life, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

3.2.2. Not the way that the Kingdom operates

3.2.3. Copper flows better - speaking words of FAITH

3.3. Gravity

3.3.1. Not God's will for people to die due to gravity

3.3.2. Helps me if I cooperate with it, will kill me if I violate it (jumping off building)

3.3.3. To help us to function on this Earth sitting in chairs