Levels of police in canada

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Levels of police in canada by Mind Map: Levels of police in canada

1. Provincial

1.1. have jurisdiction in rural areas and in unincoporated regions around cities. forces include opp,surete du quebec, royal newfoundland constabulary in some provincas rcmp reprsent he provincial police. duties police areas not required to have own police force.responde to municipal police requests for special assistince in emergencies. traffic controll for all 400 series highways investigate services. mantian other duties suck as firearm regristry security in queens park and protecting ontario goverment officials.

2. Federal

2.1. federal are the rcmp they are in every province and provide investgating services,protective services and serve the federal goverment.and also serve all levels of policeing in canada. duties include customs and excise,drug enforcment,economic crime,federal policeing,immigration,proceeds of crime,criminal itellegance and international liaison and protective services.

3. Aboriginal

3.1. administered by the department of the solicitor general and provides for partnership among the federal goverment provincial territorial goverments and aboriginal peoples to develop a police force to service the aboriginal people.duties to serve the aboriginals and them only.

4. Municipal

4.1. responible for policing in townsand cities. each municipality funds its own force.use the services of the provincial police and rcmp. seperated into diffrent groups to handle diffrent crimes. duties include. preserving the peace. preventing crimes from occuring.assisting victims of crime. apprehending criminals.layin charges and participating in prosecuters. enforcing municipal bylaws

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