Nuclear Energy Policy in the 21st Century

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Nuclear Energy Policy in the 21st Century by Mind Map: Nuclear Energy Policy in the 21st Century

1. energy demands

1.1. private sector

1.2. public sector

1.3. civilian vs military

2. risks

2.1. Nuclear waste

2.2. threat of terrorism

2.3. accidents

3. International Cooperation

3.1. IAEA

3.2. UN

4. renewable resources vs. nuclear energy

4.1. New node

5. policy recommendations

5.1. regulations

5.2. new agency

5.3. local oversight

6. gov't assistance

7. fossil fuels vs nuclear energy

7.1. current use

7.2. untapped resources

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7.3. costs

7.4. long-term feasibility

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8. Energy sources

8.1. domestic

8.2. import

8.3. untapped resources