Special Education

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Special Education by Mind Map: Special Education

1. Assistive Technology Defined

1.1. ATTO website, when defining Assistive Technologies, states: "Assistive Technologies are the tools and strategies that act to liberate the use of technology for all students as well as to provide new ways to "assist" interactions and learning. They act to 'augment abilities and bypass or compensate for a disability' (Lewis, 1994)."

1.2. http://atto.buffalo.edu/

1.2.1. Foundations

1.2.2. Curriculum

1.2.3. Adapting Computers

1.2.4. Teachnology for Special Populations

2. Interview with Cooperating Teacher

2.1. Mr. Bajus did not have much to say about the technology assistance for students with special needs at first, but as we delved deeper into the topic, he brought up some good points. Bethlehem Lutheran does not have many adaptations for students with special needs other than what the public school provides and suggests. The funds and budget needs do not allow for much to be purchased outside of donations and what the family is willing to buy for their own child. Mr. Bajus directed me to talk to the 4th grade teacher about a student that they accomidated in her classroom which is where I went next.

2.2. Mrs. Gugel, the 4th grade teacher, said that one of her students struggles with aspergers in addition to other disabilities does not have strong fine motor skills. Mr. Sines, one of the teachers with technology background, found and ordered a NEO computer which allows the student to type responses instead of writing them down with a pencil. When writing with a pencil, the student erases his letters and is not able to move on at the same pace as the other students without perfection. This NEO computer allows him to type his answers for spelling tests and writing prompts in order to make the class run smoother. He brings the NEO computer home with him and brings is to class as needed for bigger assignments that are time restrained.

3. I think that this is a very helpful tool for students with special needs because they are able to formulate their thoughts easier as they build off of their own ideas. Students could also use this tool effectively by having a teacher or another students contributing to the collaboration process. If the student with special needs is able to work with others,

4. Reflection of this tool

5. How does technology support student learning, especially those students with Special Education IEP’s or other learning disabilities such as ADHA?

5.1. New I think that technology is an awesome tool for students with disabilities. Technology has come so far and students are able to benefit in so many ways. Like the ATTO site demonstrated, students use technology in countless ways. Examples include, but are not limited to: Alternate keyboards, Page Turner, TTY (teletypewriter), and the DynaMyte (DynaVox Systems, LLC.). Each of these were listed on the website and are currently used by stdents all over the world. The primary useage of technology for special education students is communication, manipulation, positioning/mobility, and of course, ;earning. Students can be following the same curriculum in additino to being included in narmal classroom activities due to the accmodations that modern technology offers.