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inHeaven by Mind Map: inHeaven

1. Roles

1.1. Web Community Development

1.1.1. Learning & Development Teachers Learners

1.1.2. Site Construction Programmers / Engineers Graphic Art & Design

1.2. Movers & Shakers

1.3. Beta-users (n~100)

2. Resources

3. Ethos

3.1. the cetrer of this map will disolve as horiztonal connections are made apparent and actual

3.2. it's easy, it's fun, it's good for everyone.

3.3. desire, not central planning or pre-assigned roles, drives and directs participation

4. Site

4.1. Sitemap

4.1.1. Beta-wall

4.1.2. Main

4.1.3. Profile

4.1.4. The Bookshelves

4.1.5. Grow the Bookshelves

4.1.6. Ideas/discussion

4.1.7. About

4.1.8. Invite

4.2. Database

4.2.1. Abstraction

4.2.2. Nodes > Fields users name, first name, last initial username descriptive text favorite genres (tags) email telephone areacode password books author, first name author, last name title description / 'experience w. book' terms of exchange genre (tag) year ISBN wishlist

4.2.3. Vocabs/Taxonomies

4.2.4. Data Entry manual ISBN Amazon Wishlist Bookshelf CAPCHA Barcode scan applet?


4.4. Moduals

4.4.1. Avatar Selector

4.4.2. Bookshelf Captcha

4.4.3. ...way more

4.5. Themes

4.5.1. The idea that's been "floating" around is to do the theme as though the web site is like navigating through a drawing. Simple B&W (or a parchment background) with some 'splashes' of berry-inspired colour. Subject to change, of course.

4.5.2. rotoscoping has been suggested