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Characteristics by Mind Map: Characteristics

1. Accessible

1.1. Confession

1.1.1. Lord, I have not taken full advantage of the access that You have given me to You. Please forgive me for not praying often enough, for not looking to You for everything, for not even wanting to come to You when You have made Yourself available every moment of the day. I have been negligent and am truly sorry and repent.

2. Creator

2.1. Confession

2.1.1. I at times fail to worship You as the Creator of everything that is. In spite of the evidence in the Heavens and on Earth, I often forget that You made it all. Forgive me for not trusting You in the little things, and for not being faithful in the small things. I know You are able to do anything You will to do. Forgive me for not thanking You for creating me just the way You did.

3. Eternal

3.1. Confession

3.1.1. Forgive me, Lord for sometimes forgetting that You are eternal and for not thanking You for Your eternal love for me. I also waste much time on things that are not of eternal value. Cleanse my life of such things, reminding me that I will live with you forever! Therefore, it matters what I do now. I must use these days in preparation for eternity.

4. Faithful

4.1. Confession

4.1.1. O Lord, You have always been faithful to me, but I have not always been faithful to You. I have not always trusted You to be faithful even though you have proved yourself to me again and again. Please forgive me for my lack of trust in who You are and what You can and will do.

5. Father

5.1. Confession

5.1.1. Dear Father, I have not loved You as my Father every moment. I have not always recognized nor thanked You for all that You have done for me as a loving Father. Neither have I always been a good friend to those in my circle of influence. Please forgive me and cause me to come frequently to You for Your loving care, and then extend that care to my family and friends.

6. Glory

6.1. Confession

6.1.1. Too often I forget that my life is to be lived for Your glory, and I take the glory for something rather than give it to you. Neither have I always glorified You with my witness and words. Forgive me for thinking too much of myself and too little of your magnificent glory!

7. Good

7.1. Confession

7.1.1. Dear Lord, because You are good You give good gifts. You have satisfied me with so many good things, and I often fail to acknowledge them or give thanks to You. Forgive my ingratitude and my presumption upon Your grace to me. Often I have doubted Your good will. I think of you as a prohibitive God instead of a good gracious God. Please forgive me.

8. Gracious

8.1. Confession

8.1.1. O God, You are SO gracious and I don't always recognize it. Forgive me when I am so self-centered that I don't appreciate that everything comes from Your grace. I have done nothing worthwhile on my own; everything is from You. I have not always acknowledged that, and even when I do, I want to think that I deserve a little of it. Please forgive me.

9. Guide

9.1. Confession

9.1.1. I sometimes go my own way, even though I know that You are the perfect guide. Forgive me, Lord, for not looking to You for guidance in every area of my life. It is wrong and just plain stupid not to ask You guidance when You so graciously make it available. I repent and trust Your Holy Spirit to prompt me to pray for guidance every day!

10. Holy

10.1. Confession

10.1.1. Lord, I confess that I am anything but holy. Forgive me when I have not sought holiness through the power of your Holy Spirit. You command me to be holy because you are holy, and that command is good for me -- I want to be like you, seriously. You have said that knowledge of you as holy is true understanding, so please help me know you better as the Holy One.

11. Impartial

11.1. Confession

11.1.1. Your ways are not my ways -- how true that is in regard to impartiality. I confess that I am frequently partial to those who do things for me or to those whom I like better than others. You are not partial to anyone. At times I've wanted to make you partial to me, but trying to do so is wrong; you love all people and need no one to do anything for you. Please forgive me and help me to look at others from your viewpoint.

12. Immutable

12.1. Confession

12.1.1. Lord, I confess that at times I don't want you to be immutable. I want you to change your laws so that I can do what I want without being guilty of sin. I'm foolish enough to think that if I wait long enough you might change something. Please forgive me for not thanking you enough that you do not change and for the security that your immutability gives to me and this world.

13. Incomprehensible

13.1. Confession

13.1.1. Lord, at times I try to find you outside of Jesus Christ. Forgive me for attempting to know you by looking within instead of trusting you to reveal yourself to me through Christ in the Scriptures

14. Infinite

14.1. Confession

14.1.1. Lord, my thoughts about you are too small. I confess that I look at my circumstances without consideration that You are infinite, and that You know, perform, and love without limit. Forgive me for my shortsightedness.

15. Invisible

15.1. Confession

15.1.1. Forgive me, Lord, for doubting your presence just because I cannot see you. I too often do what I want, not considering you, because you are invisible to my human eyes. I have not even appreciated that you are apparent in creation and, especially, in your written Word. I repent and will look for You in everything.

16. Jealous

16.1. Confession

16.1.1. Lord, I confess that I am constantly putting things and others before you. I worship idols more than I even realize. I go to others for help when I have you to go to. Moreover, I use your name in ways I should not. I repent of these sins that I commit again and again, and I will take the help that comes from Your Holy Spirit!

17. Just

17.1. Confession

17.1.1. Lord, I confess that I have at times doubted your justice. So many things seem to be wrong, and I become impatient and discouraged as I look at the world. On the other hand I don't want you to be just with me, because I deserve death and more. I want you to be merciful to me but just with others. Forgive me for my selfish thinking.

18. Long-Suffering

18.1. Confession

18.1.1. O Lord, I have presumed upon your patience. Forgive me for being so slow to repent when you have been so tolerant and kind to me. Through the power of your Spirit, help me to repent quickly and daily for those things that are sinful in my life. Help me, too, to become more kind and patient with others.

19. Love

19.1. Confession

19.1.1. O Lord, I have so often asked you to show your love to me, even though your love has been revealed in Scripture. Forgive me for not reading or listening to the Bible thoroughly desperately desiring to hear Your voice, and for those times when I've read it and not paid attention to it or believed it. I have failed to appreciate that there is no greater expression of love than when you became a human and experienced the worst pain any human could experience and died for me. Dear God I thank You for Your love.

20. Merciful

20.1. Confession

20.1.1. Lord, your mercies are new every morning. But I am so little like You, help me to live an ideal day each day. I show very little mercy to others, while I expect you to show your mercy to me all the time. Please forgive me for my lack of mercy. And forgive me for not being more grateful for the mercy You have extended to me in Jesus Christ

21. Omnipotent

21.1. Confession

21.1.1. Lord, please forgive me for not trusting Your power to do anything You desire. So often my conception of You has been too small. I have not asked you to do things that I consider impossible. Please cause me to ask for BIG THINGS and trust that if they are in Your plan that You will do them for Your glory.

22. Omnipresent

22.1. Confession

22.1.1. Lord, forgive me when I think I am alone. You are always near wherever I am, but I forget that. You also care for all people and are with all your children in any place. I ignore that often also, thinking that I must be there to help others when you can manage their lives perfectly well. Forgive my arrogance.

23. Omniscient

23.1. Confession

23.1.1. Lord, You know the way I take. Forgive me for not resting in that. You know my future and will lead me where I need to go. Forgive me for not resting in that. You also know my sins and have covered me with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Forgive me for not thanking You every day for that.

24. Perfect

24.1. Confession

24.1.1. Lord, You are perfect in all that you say and do, but I confess that I often question what you say and what you do. Please forgive me. You have told me that I am to be perfect even as you perfect, and I fall so short of the mark. Usually I don't try or even think about it until after I have done something wrong. Please help me for Your sake.

25. Preserver

25.1. Confession

25.1.1. Lord, I confess that frequently I think of you as something other than a Person. Help me to realize that you are personal and care for me even when I do not acknowledge you.

26. Provider

26.1. Confession

26.1.1. Lord, please forgive me for not always looking to You for my provision. I have tired to get what I need from others or do things for myself. You have always been there to provide for me, but I have not always trusted You to do so. You give me all that I need, and You are all that I need. Forgive me for not thanking You for Your faithful provision.

27. Righteous

27.1. Confession

27.1.1. Lord, when I meditate on your righteousness, I realize how far short I fall. Forgive me for my self-righteousness and for thinking for even a moment that my self-righteousness is true righteousness. Self-righteousness is pride, and I confess that I am full of it. I repent and will from this day forward seek only the practical righteousness that comes from living in obedience to You. Please forgive me, too, for not thanking You daily for the righteousness of Jesus Christ that You have freely given me in Your grace.

28. Savior

28.1. Confession

28.1.1. Lord, I have not sacrificed many thank offerings to You for the salvation You have extended to me in Your grace. Forgive me. So many times You have saved me from the world, the flesh, and the Devil, and I have not even been aware of it. Forgive me. Lord, there have been many times when I haven't trusted that you would save me, so I didn't even ask, therefore forfeiting the grace and empowerment that could have been mine. Forgive me. Mostly, forgive me for not considering deeply what it cost Jesus to save me!

29. Sovereign

29.1. Confession

29.1.1. Forgive me, Lord, for wanting to be sovereign over myself! Instead of wanting You to be sovereign, I have wanted my own way, acting as if I have a right to my own life. I have rebelled against Your authority, and I repent, joyously accepting that You are my Master.

30. Wise

30.1. Confession

30.1.1. Lord, forgive me for relying upon my own wisdom when Yours is readily available. I ask for it, now and forever. I have not always sought Your guidance. I ask for it, now and forever. I have frequently looked to the world for counsel instead of looking into Your Word, please help me to have the habit of seeking Your counsel and Yours alone. I repent and ask You to help me look only to You for all the Wisdom that I will ever need.