Andefined Articles a/an

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Andefined Articles a/an by Mind Map: Andefined Articles a/an

1. to general Consonant First time An a e i o u An apple An honest An hour

2. We do not use a / an with an adjective that is alone and without a noun for example: Carla is very good.

3. to describe We use a / an when we describe people or things for example: she is a doctor My girlfriend is a beautiful woman

4. We use a / an with substantive nouns to talk about a member of a class eg: Carlos lives in a big and beautiful house. My uncle is an engineer

5. We do not use a / an along with another determinant, such as my and your. for example. She is a friend of mine

6. Is not used a / an with names or nouns that are written in plural or are countless, because a / an means: one for example My grandparents are teachers Do you want some bread

7. There are two singular indefinite articles in English a / an that function as the two Spanish forms (one / one). In English as in Spanish the indefinite article refers to an unspecified thing.