Foundations Of Education

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Foundations Of Education by Mind Map: Foundations Of Education

1. Intellectual Purposes

1.1. Intellectual purpose of schools believe that the development of reason, through intellectual pursuits, leads to individual enlightenment.

2. Politics and Civic Purposes

2.1. Schools could help people learn how to govern themselves into days society.

3. Economic Purposes

3.1. Economic Purpose have profound effects both on the individual student and society as a whole.

4. Social Purposes

4.1. Social Purposes are needed for students to be able to communicate with the world and society.

5. Role of the School

5.1. My perspective on the role of school is to provide the necessary knowledge for the individuals that are talented and hard-working so they can provide for them selves in today's society.

6. Explanations of unequal Performance

6.1. My perspective on Explanations of unequal Performance is everyone has an opportunity to succeed.That everyone who earns something is from hard work or sacrifice.

7. Educational Problems

7.1. My perspective on Educational problems is that some standards are set way to high. Some standards that students are suppose to accomplish are not achievable. Having standards that students are not able to accomplish makes it hard for the students to grasp the knowledge they need to know.

8. History of U. S. Education

8.1. The Rise of the Common School

8.1.1. This was one of the biggest reform movements because it helped make education to all children.

8.2. Equality and Excellence

8.2.1. These are just ideas. They need to be compromised so there is not more then the other. In Education everything must be compromised

9. Sociology of Education

9.1. Functionalism

9.1.1. Society views this as a kind of machine, where one part articulates with another part to produce the energy that is required to make society work.

9.2. Conflict Theory

9.2.1. Society sees this as there are limited sources in different areas which causes conflict most of the time.

9.3. Interactionalism Theory

9.3.1. This theory is making the common place strange and making interaction between

9.4. The five most important impact in school is Knowledge and Attitudes , Employment, Education and Mobility, Teacher behavior, and Gender.

9.4.1. All of these aspects makes a huge impact in schools. Having good knowledge and attitudes makes the world a better place in general. Finding employment after school makes the it worth while to finish school. Having Education and mobility makes an impact by allowing people to have freedom of learning what curriculum says. A teachers behavior and tone has a huge impact on how the students are going to be. Lastly, Gender roles play a huge part. Determining what gender you are may define what kind of position you play in the school. Having all these within the school system makes the school a better place.

10. Philosophy of Education

10.1. The world view of the pragmatism is very interesting to Learn about. Dewey played a big role in this philosophy theory. His form of generic notations of pragmatism consisted of " instrumental and experimental" (187). He wanted the children to be able to have a part in what they was going to do throughout the school year.

10.1.1. Key researcher

10.2. Dewey's goals of education was based in the social order. He wanted every one to be able to go into society and know how to communicate with others. Some children do not know how to communicate other than technology so it is .important that the teacher teach social skills in classrooms.

10.2.1. Goals of education

10.3. Dewey believed the role of the teacher was to encourage and offer suggestions , answer questions and plan the course of study. The teacher needs to be there for students academically and emotionally.

10.3.1. Role of the Teacher

10.4. Dewey though it was important that students have method of instruction. Children needed to learn both individually and in groups. We refer to this method today as " problem-solving or inquiry method"(pg 189). Having both options available made the children realize there are more than one way to learn.

10.4.1. Method of Instruction

10.5. Dewey also believed that the core curriculum should be integrated. There should be multiple subjects taught at school some of these include art, reading , math, and science and many more. having a variety of subjects being taught at school helps an individual to face multiple circumstances that may arise. Being a well rounded individual will help one be successful in life.

10.5.1. Curriculum

11. Politics of Education