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Poetry Terms by Mind Map: Poetry Terms

1. Imagery- The use of words and phrases that appeal to one or more of the five senses, usually in the form of a simile or metaphor, a.k.a. figures of speech hence figurative language as opposed to literal language.

1.1. Alliteration- The repetition of a consonant sound at the beginning of two or more neighboring words.

2. Simile- A Comparison of two unlike things using like or as.

3. Metaphor- A comparison of two unlike things by saying one is the other.

4. Personification- Gives human traits or qualities to nonhuman things.

5. Assonance- The repetition of vowel sounds in two or more neighboring words.

6. Onomatipoeia- Is a word that resembles the sound it represents.

7. antithesis-two words ,sentences or ideas are contrasted (for the children upstairs while we wait below)