ADDIE Model for Instruction

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ADDIE Model for Instruction by Mind Map: ADDIE Model for Instruction

1. Reference: Kellar's Motivational Instructional Model

2. Outputs: Teacher Training, Comments, Student and Teacher Feedback

3. Outputs: Script, Exercises, Activities, Technology Instruction, Assessments/Evaluations, Storyboard

4. Reference: SMEs, Mayer, Cognitive Load Theory, Retention

5. Outputs: Learning Objectives, Instructional Strategy Instruction Plan, Course Outline

6. Reference: Learning Theories, Gange's Levels of Learning, Bloom's Taxonomy

7. Outputs: Learner Profile, Needs Assessment, Problem Statement, List of Constraints, Task List

8. :Reference: Knowles Adult Learner

9. Reference: Kirkpatrick's Model

10. Outputs: Recommendations, Project Report, Revised Prototype

11. Evaluation

11.1. Formative

11.2. Summative

12. Implementation

12.1. Train Instructor

12.2. Prepare the Learners

12.3. Arrange Learning Space

13. Analysis

13.1. Instructional Goals

13.2. Instructional Analysis

13.3. Learner Analysis

13.4. Learning Objectives

14. Design

14.1. Design Assessment

14.2. Course Format

14.3. Instructional Strategy

15. Development

15.1. Sample Creation

15.2. Develop Course Content

15.3. Conduct RunThrough