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PS 130 Online Learning Network by Mind Map: PS 130 Online Learning Network
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PS 130 Online Learning Network categories

community announcements

parents, read only, PTA leaders can post (???)

students, publish only through class assignments

staff, post and publish w/administrative sign-off

student work

student publishing (writing, videos, audio, photos, voice on the web), potential "digital portfolios" , "tagging" with students' first names, archived work for assessment, tag your work with your "code name"

student discussions

parent responses to student work

teaching resources

shared resources for staff & educational community online, suggestions/discussions of tutorials, rubrics, etc., favorite websites, could use or Portaportal

archive of best practices: unit plans, rubrics, curriculum maps, etc., notes and discussions of unit plans using "comments"

examples of great student work

staff announcements (password protected)


private info

internal agendas


share resources & knowledge

know what's there

make it a habit

save paper

support NETS standards (students/teachers)

keep simple website structure

one address:

limited student accounts

3 categories of content

lots of "tagging"

User Accounts


1 account per class (3-301, etc.)

1 account with same username/password for Google Docs


register for accounts on their own -- give email address to MStegman


1 shared staff account: ps130teacher/130teach

encouraged to get their own accounts for Wordpress & Google

Content Moderation

teachers responsible for moderating/publishing their student work

Marc monitors comments & posts daily

Marc's subcommittee helps moderation


Online Safety Policy

Staff pages (password protected)

Archives of links to special "tags" (i.e. Videos, Lesson Plans, Rubrics, etc.)

Class pages (links to class "tags"


PS 130 Private Staff Calendar

Jackie/Cyrena are point people

test preps


special events


PS 130 Community Calendar

Cyrena is point person (possibly teaches a mother)

trips, events, etc.

PS 130 Admin Calendar

CT, MN, DD, JH, CL -- all adding

start this summer...

Grade level calendars (Optional)

Who does what

Jackie - parents info

Arts Connection Kelly

Maria - trips

All staff



notifications, email when events are changed

invitations, use email groups

Next Steps

Sept 1: re-invite

Caroline is working on updating the email Groups