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1. Implementation

1.1. Train the instructor in

1.1.1. objectives

1.1.2. Activities

1.1.3. Media

1.1.4. Assessments

1.2. Prepare the learners

1.2.1. Pre-requesites

1.2.2. Orientation

1.2.3. Learning management software

1.3. Arrange the learning space

1.3.1. Have the materials ready

1.3.2. Test multimedia

1.3.3. Technology

2. Development

2.1. Create a sample instruction

2.2. Develop course materials

2.2.1. based on Sample instruction instructional strategy

2.3. Conduct a run-through

2.3.1. Time

2.3.2. Feedback

2.4. real-time rehearsal

3. Evaluation

3.1. Formative

3.1.1. One-to-one test with learners

3.1.2. Small group test

3.1.3. Field trial Real-time rehearsal Setting should be similar to actual learning scenario

3.2. Summative

3.2.1. Reactions to Instructors Media Activities etc using scales open-ended questions Anonymous

3.2.2. Learning Post-test knowledge skills attitudes Behaviour (real-life) Results Increase in profit increase in productivity morale job satisfaction others

4. Analysis

4.1. Instructional Goals

4.1.1. Define the overall learning outcome you want to achieve

4.2. Instructional Analysis

4.2.1. Describe all the necessary steps to achieve the overall learning outcomes

4.3. Learner Analysis

4.3.1. Describe what they already know about the subject

4.3.2. Analyze the depth of learning needed

4.3.3. Analyze how and in what context are they going to apply what they learned

4.4. Learning Objectives

4.4.1. Describe what students should be able to do when the instruction is completed in Knowledge Skills Attitudes

4.4.2. "by the time the student finishes this course, he should be able to ______________"

5. Design

5.1. Design Assessments

5.1.1. based on Learning objectives Learner analysis

5.2. Choose a course format

5.2.1. Classroom

5.2.2. Labs

5.2.3. Videos

5.2.4. Interactive through computer

5.2.5. Blended

5.3. Create an instructional strategy using

5.3.1. Tools Lectures Readings Discussions Projects Worksheets Activities Assessments

5.3.2. Dick and Carey's Components Preinstructional activities Motivate Ilustrate course objectives Content presentation Concise Use examples Learner participation Practice Feedback Assessment Practice assessments Attitudes assessments Final Assessment Follow-through activities Reviews of the content Helps internalize and apply