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Sony by Mind Map: Sony

1. Artist & Repertoire Representative

1.1. discover new talent

1.2. assist with song selection

1.3. Choose the people that will produce the album

1.4. work very hands-on

1.5. link between the recording artist and all the other departments of the record company.

2. Promotion Department

2.1. creates the overall marketing plan

2.2. brainstorm new ideas for promotional campaigns

2.3. develop a team for on-going and new campaigns, and execute them successfully

2.4. execute all company promotional campaigns in advertising and marketing

2.5. ensure that all departmental goals are executed thoroughly

3. Marketing Department

3.1. responsible for creating the overall marketing plan for every record the label is release

3.2. coordinating all the promotion , publicity ,sales campaigns that the label is committed to

3.3. Come up with marketing concepts,

3.4. compile data based on consumer groups, target markets, past campaigns, and other company data

3.5. Marketing staffs create game plans for promoting new releases

4. Sales

4.1. oversees the retail aspect of the record business

4.2. oversee the day to day operations of the sales department including it's finances

4.3. project and reach company wide sales goals

4.4. works with the record store chains and other music stores to get new albums onto retailers' shelves

4.5. settle and process sales

5. New Media

5.1. Deals with the newer aspects of the music business

5.2. Produce and promoting music videos for the artist

5.3. help an artist create a presence on the Internet

5.4. deals with the new technologies

5.5. artists can stream music and music videos through the Internet.