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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Implementation

1.1. Training of Instructor

1.1.1. Prepare materials for Instructor Review

1.2. Identify and Prepare Learning Environment

1.2.1. Will the technology be available and functional?

1.2.2. Will the setting need other tools or supplies for this course?

1.3. Prepare Learners

1.3.1. Does the learner have the tools, supplies, or prior knowledge that they need to be successful?

2. Development

2.1. Create a sample course

2.1.1. Instruction content developed

2.1.2. Instructional Strategy outlined

2.2. Develop materials

2.2.1. Use Content and Strategy in development

2.2.2. Load content into web site or LMS

2.3. Test course by conducting a run-through

2.3.1. Include Feedback Assessment

2.3.2. Test Course Length

3. Evaluation

3.1. Formative Evaluation: Evaluating for clarity, impact, and feasability of the course

3.1.1. 1-to-1 Assessing one that closely mirrors the target learner.

3.1.2. Small Group Assessing subgroups that closely mirrors the subgroups within the target audience.

3.1.3. Field Trial Present course to group that is most similar to target audience and instructional setting.

3.2. Summative Evaluation

3.2.1. Assess the value of instruction Assess the learners reaction to course delivery and content. Learning Assess the learners knowledge and skills after the course. Behavior Assess whether the training is transferring to the actual performance environment. Results Assess the impact of the training.

3.3. Feedback and data informs redevelopment

4. Analysis

4.1. Instructional Goals

4.1.1. What should the learner be able to do/understand if this course is successful?

4.2. Instructional Analysis

4.2.1. What steps/processes/information will the learner need to be successful?

4.3. Analyze attributes of Learner

4.3.1. What is the learners prior knowledge?

4.4. Learning Objectives

4.4.1. What will the learner be able to do at the end of the course? Use verbs such as: Demonstrate Define Calculate Explain

4.5. Identify available resources

4.6. Plan scope of project

5. Design

5.1. Design Assessments

5.1.1. Consider Instructional Goals

5.1.2. Consider the learner

5.1.3. Context mirrors performance setting

5.1.4. Identify Learning objectives

5.2. Choose a course format

5.2.1. How will the course be taught? Classroom Setting Correspondence Self-paced Online Learning Identify method of creating materials Blended Learning

5.3. Create Instructional Strategy

5.3.1. How will the students engage with and learn the content taught? Worksheets Lectures Readings Assessements

5.3.2. How will the content be organized for optimal learning? Preinstructional Activities Motivate Illustrate Objectives Content Presentation Learner Participation Learners practice and receive feedback Assessment Final assessment which covers content Practice assessment Attitude assessment Follow-through Activities Review Apply Internalize