Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Al Capone Does My Shirts by Mind Map: Al Capone Does My Shirts

1. Alcatraz

1.1. Rocky Island in San Francisco

1.2. "The Rock"

1.3. Military and federal prison

2. Rules:

2.1. #1-No contact with the convicts.

2.2. #2-Do not enter an area that is fenced off

2.3. #3-no visitors unless you've made your request one week prior

2.4. #4-Do not speak to any outsiders about what goes on here

3. Piper

3.1. Warden's daughter

3.2. Conniving

3.3. Two-faced

3.4. Has a crush on Moose

4. Mr. Flanagan

4.1. Electrician and guard

4.2. Chews toothpicks when he is upset

5. Natalie

5.1. Autistic

5.2. Reads index of books

5.3. Good at math

5.4. Went to Esther P. Marinoff school

5.5. Likes buttons

5.6. Drags toes on the ground when she walks

6. Moose

6.1. Matthew

6.2. Tall

6.3. Has a crush on Piper

7. Parade Gound

7.1. Where children go to meet up

8. Mrs. Flanagan

8.1. Teaches piano lessons