I signed up, Now What?

Overview of Goal Buddies Forum

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I signed up, Now What? by Mind Map: I signed up, Now What?

1. 1. The circle with 3 lines in it is a note click for more into - 2. The small circle connected to the topics expands and contracts topics - click to see more or less - 3. You can move the map just click inside and move it

2. Look Around

2.1. Top Menu

2.1.1. Goal Buddies Left Menu Useful Hints & Tips Terms of Service

2.1.2. Forum All Discussions - Left Menu You Info about discussions Categories Kudos - Who's earned what

2.1.3. Blog

2.1.4. Inbox

2.1.5. Buddies

2.1.6. You

3. Build A Goal

3.1. Read the Post on SMART Goals - click in the comment here

3.2. Fill out the Goal Builder

3.2.1. Submit Your Goal

3.2.2. Upload Your Goal

3.3. The difference

4. Get A Buddy

4.1. Why?

4.2. How?

5. Be A Buddy