Electronic Learning Community

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Electronic Learning Community by Mind Map: Electronic Learning Community

1. Traditional Classroom

1.1. Students

1.1.1. limited participation New node

1.1.2. shy students are lost in the crowd

1.1.3. abiliy to raise your hand for questioning, and to listen to the questions of others

1.1.4. immediate responses are difficult for some students

1.2. Teachers

1.2.1. ability to provide verbal and physical cues

1.2.2. ability to read physical expressions, such as "I don't understand".

2. Online Classroom

2.1. Students

2.1.1. shy students feel free to express themselves

2.1.2. additional time to reflect on the questions

2.1.3. writing skills become very important

2.1.4. technology skills are not always present

2.1.5. new online students struggle with adaptation

2.2. Teachers

2.2.1. no physical or verbal cues are provided

2.2.2. facilitating the learning vs. teaching

2.2.3. all communication is written

2.2.4. in addition to subject experts, teachers need to be proficient in technology

2.2.5. demonstrating a new concept becomes more challenging