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Photodynamic Therapy by Mind Map: Photodynamic Therapy
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Photodynamic Therapy

Mechanism of Action

Exogenous ALA Applicaion

Incubation (Metabolism & Accumulation)

  Definition: Time between drug application and light treatment Porphyrin precursors require an incubation period for metabolism    

Light Exposure


Metabolism and Re-accumulation of Porphyrins


ALA itself is not a photosensitizer

Accumulation of Protoporphyrin IX depends on?

Peripheral Benzodiazapine Receptors are overexpressed in cancers

PBRs are overexpressed in  neoplastic cells, enhancing  ALA-PDT efficacy in cancer  treatment

Light Sources

Porphyrin Absorption Spectrum (300-650 nm)


FDA Approved



Photosensitivity at 400-450 nm


Allergies to Porphyrins

Adverse Effects

Phototoxic Reaction


HSV (Prophylaxis prior Tx)

Residual photosensitivity