D.E.C.I.D.E. Your friends asked you to sneak out to go to a party.

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D.E.C.I.D.E. Your friends asked you to sneak out to go to a party. by Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E.  Your friends asked you to sneak out to go to a party.

1. 1. Define the Problem Your friend asks you to sneak out to go to a party with them, but you don't know if you want to go or not. Whether you want to go or not, it might still affect your social wellness. Is it so important to you or your friendship that you have to go? Do you even want to go in the first place? You have to decide whether you want to go or not and your decision is based on you and only you.

2. 2. Explore the Alternatives You don't want to go to the party, but you don't know what might happen to the friendship or what they might think of you afterwards or you want to go to the party, but you don't know what might happen. Of course, there are different things you can do. If you don't want to go, 1. Tell your friend that you don't want to go and why. 2.Give them a legitimate answer that will be hard for them to argue against. 3. Tell them they can't force you to go because you make decisions for yourself and they not can take that away. Maybe even try to convince them to not go either. But if you do want to go, 1. You can still hang out with a friend, but it doesn't need to be at a party. 2. You do go to the party with your friend.

3. 4. Identify Your Values Whether you go or not is also influenced by your own personal values. Some values are stronger than others, but everything contributes to making the decision. Values include the present and the future. A tiny value today could change your future. When making decisions, you have to consider what is important to you and how you want people to think of you. If you do go to the party, do you want to be seen as irresponsible? If you don't go to the party, do you want to be seen as a scaredy cat? You have to think about how each one might affect you and your beliefs. You also have to ask yourself, do your values include other people? Do you care about what people might feel or think of you by your actions? Your decision doesn't only affect you, it can affect other people around you. Depending on your values, you could do something completely different from the person next to you because your values are different and your decision will be different too.

4. 5. Decide and Act After considering your alternatives, consequences and your values. it's time to make a decision. Do you go to the party or not? Your decision might be different from my decision, but there is no right decision. Each decision has its consequences, there will be something at the end of every action. But at the end, we choose what we think is best for us. If going to the party is what you think is a good choice, then go. If you think it's not, then don't. Once you have made your choice, plan it out. If you are going to the party, plan out how. If you aren't, plan out how you might tell your friends. If I were to make the decision, I wouldn't go because I wouldn't want to go through the disappointment of my parents and I wouldn't want to be seen as irresponsible. But I'm not here to influence your decision, if none of that bothers you and you want to go, I'm not here to stop you. But whatever decision you make, make sure to plan carefully and be ready for the unexpected and be ready to face the results. After that, make sure you know when all this is gonna happen. Know your details and you'll be ready.

5. 6. Evaluate the Results After you have decided and acted, evaluate how it went. Ask yourself if it went according to plan or did it go down a completely different path? But whatever happened, think about how it affected you. Did you feel content with your decision or did you wish you could have done something else? Did it entirely change your social wellness or has it not changed at all? There is a lot of things to ask yourself because you want to think about how it all went. Sometimes there is a good result, but sometimes there isn't. For all decisions, there is more than one path and each path leads to different endings. Think about the path that you have chosen and think about the ending. How has it affected you personally and all the other people around you? Whether you went to the party or not, what did you learn from it? If it changed something about you, think about why. Was it something that happened or was it something else. Evaluating the results gets you thinking about how it changed you and to learn from the experience. If you don't stop and just take a moment to think about what happened, you won't get to know yourself entirely. Most people think, 'well, this is me so I must know everything about myself,' But you learn about others and ourselves by our experiences. You could have picked up a new value and know more about who you are and who you want to be. Little and big actions lead to who you are today and by understanding yourself, it helps you grow as a person and a human being.

6. 3. Consider the Consequences Going and not going to the party both have consequences. Some may be harsher than others, it's all equally consequences. With each alternative comes a consequences. If you don't want to go, most alternatives would end up in a conversation with your friend telling them why you don't want to go. Some friends will be accepting and respect your decision, but some frinds may not be so respectful of your decision. Considering what you tell them. the voice you use, and their reaction, it may lead to different consequences. If you tell them that 'you make decision for yourself' using an aggressive tone, it may end up in a little argument. At the end, some friendships may be a little hurt. If you do want to go, theres a lot of different consequences too. Sneaking out isn't responsible at all, your parents will most likely find out and it will end up in a punishment. If you do go to the party, you'll have no idea what might happen. You might meet some people that might not be a good influence. Remember, it's party, it can be fun, but things do get a little heated.