Encephalitis Lethargica

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Encephalitis Lethargica by Mind Map: Encephalitis Lethargica

1. How it affects the brain

1.1. A swollen hypothalamus was observed in most patients

1.2. Swelling in the hypothalamus affected the brain's ability to regulate sleep

2. Some Symptoms

2.1. Unusual sleeping patterns

2.2. Tics

2.3. High fever

2.4. Psychosis

2.5. Hyperactivity

2.6. Physical inertia

3. People Affected

3.1. More common in males under 40

3.2. Since the late 1500s, there have been scattered reports of outbreaks in Europe

3.3. The last major outbreak was during World War I, when the poor conditions of soldiers aided in the spread of the disease

4. Cause and Diagnosis

4.1. The cause is unknown due to international conflict at the time of outbreak and extremely limited samples today

4.2. It is very hard to diagnose; it is generally diagnosed through process of elimination

5. Treatment

5.1. Treated symptomatically

5.2. Patients in a paralyzed state could sometimes be roused by stimuli from the outside world, but quickly relapsed

5.3. Other inert patients responded to a treatment of anti-Parkinson's drugs until they became tolerant, then they also relapsed

6. Life With Encephalitis Lethargica

6.1. 30-50% of diagnosed patients died from the disease

6.2. About 30% of those affected made a full recovery

6.3. The rest appeared to make a full recovery, only to become paralyzed, develop a form of Parkinson's disease, or suffer from other neurological issues

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