Decision Making

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Decision Making by Mind Map: Decision Making

1. Define the Problem: You borrow someone’s device (Smart Phone, Laptop etc) from a friend and accidentally break it. This is a serious decision, because there are multiple things that could result good or bad.

2. Explore the Alternatives: 1. Tell them and offer to pay for repairs or a new one 2. Tell my parents and let them handle it 3. Give it back to them and act like I didn't know it was broken 4. Blame it on someone else

3. Consider the Consequences: #1 They would be slightly upset, but would appreciate the honesty and accept the offer of paying what is required. #2 My friend would appreciate the honesty, but question why I wouldn't tell them myself. #3 They would be angry, because it wasn't broken before I used it and I am not apologizing for my mistake. They would be angry for a few days or weeks. I wouldn't have to spend money on a new one and they would have to pay for one themselves. #4 The person who I blame it on will hate me, and my friend would find out I was lying and be upset. I wouldn't have to pay for a new one or get in trouble. 2 people would dislike me

4. Identify Your Values: My long-term goal as a person is to improve in every aspect of my life, which includes problem solving. In my family we believe in being honest and doing the right thing. I respect my friend, and I want to remain friends with them.

5. Decide & Act: I think that option 1 is the best choice, because I own up to my mistake and do my best to fix it. Step 1: I tell my friend in person that I accidentally broke their device. Step 2: Spend 1-2 weeks earning money to pay for a repair/replacement. Step 3: Give them the fully functional device.

6. Evaluate the Result: My friend has forgiven me for accidentally breaking their device and are happy with their working one. It required me to spend less money I learnt that I should remember to be more careful with mine and others things. If I could do it over I wouldn't change what I did, because I feel it was the best things to do.