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D.E.C.I.D.E by Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E

1. Define the Problem: Several people in your shared room are snoring while you are attempting to get to sleep at CWW

1.1. This affects my physical wellness because if they are snoring, you can't get enough sleep.

2. Exploring Alternatives:

2.1. 1. You can put a pillow on their faces so it blocks the sound.

2.2. 2. You can move them gently on their side because sleeping on your side may reduce snoring.

2.3. 3. You can talk to them the next day and ask to move beds so you are further away from them and it doesn't disrupt your sleep.

2.4. 4. You can wake them up at night and move beds with some people so the sound doesn't disrupt your sleep.

3. Consider every Consequence

3.1. 1. They could wake up and if they see you putting a pillow on their face, they might find this offending and it could ruin your friendship.

3.2. 2. This won't be offending to them, and if it works, it will be a good solution for the both of you. However, there is a chance that it won't work, and the person may wake up and feel uncomfortable that you moved them.

3.3. 3. This is a good solution because this won't disrupt their sleep at night, and it won't offend them or anything like that because you are talking it through together. The only bad thing is that you might not get much sleep that night.

3.4. 4. This can be a good solution because you will be able to sleep well that night. This might not be the best solution because this will lead to disrupting other people's sleep as well and it is a bit selfish.

4. Identify your values

4.1. I think it is important to respect other people's personal space and you shouldn't touch them without their permission. I also think you shouldn't disrupt other people just for your own benefit, so I think solution 3 is a good fit.

5. Decide and Act

5.1. I think solution 3 best fits my personal values. If I follow this solution, I will be able to solve problem without disrupting many people.

5.2. Plan: I can try to sleep as much as I can during the night and talk to my friends the next day about the problem I am facing. After talking, I can move beds to a place where I will get less disrupted.

6. Evaluate the Results

6.1. I think it would work out well because I didn't disrupt my friends and managed to get some sleep over the next few at CWW. It wouldn't have affected my relationship with my friends because I respected their personal space and decided to talk to them in person.

6.2. I think one thing I would do differently next time is ask people who snores and things like that on the first time so I can tell people how I'm sensitive to snoring and have my bed far away from people who snore in the first place.