Making A Desicion

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Making A Desicion by Mind Map: Making A Desicion

1. Define The Problem

1.1. Your friends asks you to sneak out of your house to go to a party. First, you need to define the problem and figure out how and in what way it will affect you. This problem is affecting your social wellness because it is affecting how you will connect with other people in the world.

2. Explore The Anlternitives

2.1. Figure out the alternatives on what to do. For this problem, you could sneak out of the house without your parent's permission, you could ask for your parent's permission, or you could stay at home and tell your friend no. This will effect my social wellness by either making my connection to my parents better and my connection to my friends worse, or vice versa

3. Consider The Consequences

3.1. Next, you should figure out the consequences of each decision. Sneaking out of the house without your parent's permission would fun as you would have a good time with your friends, but if your parents figured out, they wouldn't trust you anymore. Asking for your parent's permission would be the safest, but your friends would get mad at you if they said no. Staying at home and telling your friends no would make your friends mad.

4. Identify Your Values

4.1. Know what your values in life are before making your decision. This will help you identify your best option. My values are that I need to be respectful and honest to my parents, and that if I am doing something that they wouldn't let me do, that I shouldn't do it. I also should not let others get angry.

5. Decide And Act

5.1. This is when you should decide what you will do. Because of my values of respecting and being honest to my parents, I would choose the option of asking for my parent's permission. It would make sure that if I did go, it would be with me not having to worry about my parents punishing me or figuring out. Even though if they said no my friends would get made at me, that is a risk I would take because I need to have a good relationship with my family. This decision is a Irreversible decision because once you have made this decision, your can not reveres it. What you do is what stays, and the effect will last for a while

6. Evaluate The Results

6.1. Lastly, you should evaluate how your decision turned out.This was the best decision for me because it made sure that my parents weren't mad with me, so it connected to my values. My friends understanded me so they weren't angry, which also goes with my values. This affects my social wellness by making my parents know that I will ask them stuff before doing it, which will increase our connection and trust.