Someone begins bullying you amongst your peers.

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Someone begins bullying you amongst your peers. by Mind Map: Someone begins bullying you amongst your peers.

1. Definition of problem: This is a problem regarding social and emotional wellness. The people we meet in school occupy a huge portion of our social life, we may need to depend on the social aspect in school when solving a problem such as bullying. Bullying also cast a huge impact on our emotional well-being, we have to do something to remain in a composed state when being bullied and this requires emotional wellness.

1.1. Explore the Alternatives Report to adults (Teachers/Counsellor/Parents) Positive consequence: The bully is intimidated by the power of authority and thus stopped the bullying Negative consequence: Adults cannot provide full shelter and bullying may still occur beyond their supervision

1.1.1. Endure the humiliation Positive consequence: Bullying may slowly disappear over time and may help to develop perseverance and tolerance which benefits the future. Negative consequence: Bully may take compromise for granted thus continuing the further intensified bullying. Physically strike back Positive consequence: May frighten the bully and thus make him to restrain himself. Negative consequence: May lead to a vicious cycle of endless fights thus damaging relationships with peers. Verbally confront the bully Positive consequence: The bully may emphasise my feelings through my non-violent but assertive speech. Negative consequence: The confrontation is not effective and may ignite more anger the bully, leading to more bullying.

2. Identify values: Personally, I believe in earning respect by respecting others. I also believe that one should try their best to achieve a goal with courage and determination.

2.1. My plan for the decision is: 1, Get to know the bully and penetrate what influences his actions. 2, Try to reveal my feelings to him and observe his reaction. 3, If the bullying does not stop, try to explain the negative impact of his actions towards both of us. 4, If the bullying still continues, talk to my friends and other peers to raise awareness of this problem. Lastly, try to enter the bully's social cycle and influence those who are close to him to stay away and inform adults to take action.

2.1.1. Evaluate the results: Most likely, the bullying will stop. I managed to raise some awareness of the bullying incidents. Some punishments were applied to the bully through school but we will never know how he felt the whole time.